Wifi for School
In the globalization era, we need information quickly. Time by time information is increase very fast. There is a lot of information media, such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and so forth. There is one of the most complete media information is internet. The Internet is a medium information and communication. Internet are very complete because Internet include some information media such as radio, television, newspapers, brochures and so forth. In addition to covering some of the media information in the media, Internet has many other advantages such as: more efficient, more practical, and more complete.
Many ways for us to access internet, one of the most popular is wifi. Wifi is a wireless network that can be used to access the internet. Many schools has installed wifi internet.  Most students prefer to take advantage of free wifi at school. Usually schools turn wifi on every day and turn it off at certain hours. So students do not go home too late.
Wifi is useful very much. In addition, students need it as the way to search some information. Unfortunately, most of the teachers and employees do not know how to use and wifi internet, they think that it is not important. Since wifi has a vital function in the development and advancement of the field of information on the school. 
Some examples of wifi is, it costs more efficient than the wired Internet, it can be used by everyone without complicated requirements, wifi can be used to access a variety of information via, wifi can be arranged in such a way that students cannot access bad internet sites, by via wifi students can save their money to buy a book, and there are many more benefits from wifi in school.

Accessing wifi is not only limited on laptops and mobile phones, but also computers. You just need to give a special antenna installed on a computer, and the price is not too expensive. The computer is able to access the internet via wifi. How to use wifi is easy, especially for students. Students only need to bring a laptop or mobile phone for accessing wifi in the area.

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