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Western Digital WD hard drives added Red line it with greater storage capacity and increased performance. WD capacity now increased to 5 terabytes and 6 terabytes.
WD claims this huge capacity is the first in the market for Network Attached Storage (NAS). With compatibility with NAS systems manufacturers, optimized power and performance, the hard drive is a 3.5-inch WD Red is now officially marketed with a capacity of 1 to 6 TB. In addition, there is also a WD hard drive new Red Pro 3.5 inches with a capacity of 2 to 4 TB.
“This is to address their needs of the NAS market in medium and large businesses. Huge SME market potential is very large and medium. They require storage of data, even for private data. This can be very efficient, tailored to the needs of SMEs themselves,” said Sales Manager Western Digital Harianto Karim.
Claims Harianto, current WD has been a leader in the NAS market. And theyneed to continually increase its capacity was developed according to the needs.
“WD can be used by 20 to 25 people. Able to backup data storage in smartphones, PCs, tablets and even computer, said Harianto. According to him, such as the portable storage is very safe and far away from the action of hacking. The reason, most users are individuals and can be placed in person. “Security is good because it is placed at the location itself. Such as at homewhich has much of hackersinside. Different withdropbox storage locations in other online or drive, be concerned about it.
WD so far has 3 kinds of products, WD Red, WD and the WD Green Red Pro. WD Red is a storage area that is affordable and can help companies cut corners. WD Red Pro to the needs of medium and large businesses whiles the WD Green for storage capacity greater consumer.
To WD Red 5 TB and 6 TB each priced at a price $ 261 and $ 314, while the 2TB WD Red Pro US $ 167, 3 TB for $ 209, and 4 TB for US $ 272.
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