Variety of Linux
Since found in 1991, this system has so many varieties. The following is many variety of Linux.

Popular Variety of Linux
There are so many variety of Linux that available nowadays. Some of the varieties became so popular and used by so many users. Redhat Linux is the most popular Linux in Indonesia and US. This Linux recognized as the most faster than others Linux. Beside of the fastest Linux, Redhat also could be used as client or even as the PC desktop or PC standalone. Mandrake Linux is the younger sibling of Redhat. Redhat Linux was recommended as server. While Mandrake was be used asgood client. Mandrake is precedence to use by Pentium Processor.

If Redhat is popular in US, then SuSe Linux is the most usable Linux in Europe. SuSE Linux was complete with Desktop Manager which known as KDE. Beside that SuSE Linux also has YaST (Yet another Setup Tools) which can easily use toconfiguration internal system, network and also security.

In Asia Turbo Linux is the most popular Linux. In Japan and China Turbo Linux is rank first as distribution of Linux. Turbo Linux made by many kind of under Linux or UNIX. In China Turbo Linux was adapted as their main computer operating system.

Variety of Linux for Graphic
There also some variety of Linux that specialist for graphic. Caldera Linux was designed with all graphic as its view. Since the very start we installed Caldera Linux until we do the hardware setting, its all graphic view. What most interest is when we installed this Linux we treated by Tetris game while waiting the program transferred.

Corel Linux is another Linux that designed all graphic. Corel Linux could directly install with or without another systems. Corel Linux also could install as partition and file from windows system. Corel Linux was designed as end-User.

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