Tips to choose the best Linux distro for a laptop or PC
Choose a Linux distro? Yes this is related to the post some time ago about Distro Linux. Do you Still remember it? Well, this time I presented some tips to determine which option will be chosen distro to be installed on lovely laptop or computer. 

The first thing to consider in the selection of Distro Linux is to consider the kernel version. Why? The new kernel, the better linux distributions. The new kernel linux-owned, the more support for hardware that you need / have. It is advisable to choose a linux distro that has the latest kernel of it. 

The second thing that is used to select the linux distro is the distro FUNCTION and PURPOSE. If the purpose of installing linux for home office or workstation only, I think kind of distro Ubuntu, CentOS, SuSE, LindowsOS, LinuxMint and Linux Softice seems enough. Because by using distributions – the distributions, we are not going to mess around with all sorts of hassle installation, and again for office application is complete.But if we want to know more linux include wanting to feel “a sense of Linux” is more condensed, Slackware seems most fitting choice. 

Do not forget to consider the third case, the completeness of the application that can be installed on the selected distributions. Linux is usually distributed in the form of a CD or DVD, but there are also distributed using the flash (eg Linux Softice). The more CD / DVD is, usually the more applications that can be installed on these distributions. Some call the CD / DVD is the repository of the linux distro. 

The last thing to be considered in the selection of linux distributions is the type of hardware used. First, Linux is developed for a particular type of computer, for example, for IBM PC compatible only. But today linux developed for a variety of hardware including mobile smartphones and PDAs. So choose linux hardware that fits ours. For example, for Macintosh or PowerMac computers, choose linux MkLinux that was designed for Macintosh / PowerMac. For IBM compatible PC, Sun, Alpha and others, you can choose Ubuntu, CentOS, SuSE, LindowsOS, LinuxMint or Linux Softice.
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