The Differences between Linux and Other Operating Software
Linux and Unix
The major differences between Linux and Unix  are:
  1. Linux is free while Unix is quite expensive. Even those applications for commercial purposes cost more in Unix than in Linux. 
  2. Linux uses many hardware platforms while the Unix is a hardware bonded and that is why usually the hardware are more expensive than t PC clone
  3.  Linux are running with similarities to other software, DOS and Windows, but it is so much stronger and richer. On the other hand, Unix is more like a mainframe from a few decades earlier than Linux. 
  4. There are areas where Unix is more mature such as the security, the applications for engineering and the support for the cutting edge hardware that is better, however Linux has also its own strength like an average person who wants to run his own engineering workstation or server. 
Linux and Windows
Of course Linux and Windows have their own differences. Windows surely is more familiar but this does not mean that Linux has nothing better than Windows. To know more about the differences, let us take a look at the points below.

  1. Linux is free while Windows is quite expensive. You need to buy the Windows and you also need to buy the applications. The more applications you have, the more you will have to pay. 
  2. Linux has a free file formats. This means that a user can actually access the files in a variety of different ways. Meanwhile, if you are a Windows user, then you will know that you must use certain applications and programs in order to open different files and work on those files
  3. As Linux provides so many free applications, it is almost unlikely that you will be violating any possible license. On the other hand, with Windows, you may be in problems of license. When you are encountering registry problems, your Windows may have problems too. 

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