Review, Lenovo E431 Laptop Latest Performance
The best Lenovo laptops use Intel Core i7 processor. This processor is the fastest processor available from Intel for laptops. And Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431 has adopted it. 
Fast processor will not provide a beneficial effect of a laptop without supported memory. Lenovo Thinkpad laptop use DDR3 2GB of RAM which is sufficient to support the speed of a processor. Without memory slot as much as 2 pieces, its allowing user to upgrade RAM to be larger. 
Graphics Card 
A high speed laptop is often used to play a video or image program. In order for motion picture or video is not broken, it is necessary to add fitur that supports the graphics card. Latest graphics card on a laptop from Lenovo is using D Graphics 3000 graphics card that actually viding substandard graphics card, it is installed on the laptop other D Graphics 4000, but with the processor and memory capabilities, to make images and videos. 
Other Features 
Another feature is an additional feature does not support LIVE speed, but supports the comfort and easy of using a laptop. Audio Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431 use the latest Dolby Advance that provide clear voice and comfortable while listening to a song or movie. The features network of a slot Ethernet very supported, USB helps you to connect laptop with other devices. And also the WI-FI helps you when you want to browse or check email. 
Laptop Prices Lenovo Thinkpad E431 
Latest laptop price Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431 is currently in the range of your 8 and 9 million. If you want to know the price update, you can always see it in the price of Lenovo laptops.
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