Open Source? Should be? ( in English)
The use of Open Source is actually not a necessity for the Indonesian. We are free to use whatever software we want. There is no prohibition or regulation of a State that requires that we must use Open Source. We are free to use proprietary software are sold throughout the world. That should not be is using a paid software WITHOUT PAY. We are often seduced by this condition. Indonesia still ranks 20 of the world on the use of pirated software.

This is what we have to understand it. It’s sin if you use pirated software . If you do not believe me, ask the religious leaders that you profess. We should be proud of using paid software is proprietary, but the software must be purchased. Do not be proud to use pirated software.

It’s hard to use Open Source software? Not really. It just needs to get used to it. We are a great nation, we can go through worse conditions than just switching using the SOFTWARE LEGAL. We certainly can. Are we not ashamed, known as the nation hijack in the world.

If the reason you are taking Ilegal Software is because the price is high, just use Open Source Software, free at all. Do not have to buy anyway. And its easy to be used. If we use pirated software , we will be cornered by the label “The nation that does not respect other people’s work”.

Let’s start up the image of our country that for decades has been overshadowed us this by utilizing the Open Source Software. Besides the name of nation and state we have the eyes of the international community, we can also reduce the sin, right ?.
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