Most Desirable Niche Linux
There are so many Niche Linux markets. Some of themare free, but some are paid such as redhat, opensuse and others. Well, these niches are then developed and have been great, but some of them are disappearing due to the lack of support. Of several major niches, some of them have offspring or their variants. The following are 5 most desirable Niche Linux:

Ubuntu is the most popular Niche Linux among others. Its stability and user friendly, make it’s very attractive to people. Ubuntu also a kind of Niche Linux that is very suitable for beginners, because thissoftware is the easiest to be operated.
Opensuseis first published in 1992 by 4 Linux maniacs from German. They are RolanDyroff, Thomas Fehr, Hubert Coat and BurchardSteinbild. They gave the name of the project with SUSE (Software und System Entwicklung).
Fedora is a Niche Linux that first released in 1995; it was developed by 2 people named Bob Young and Marc Ewing Company under the name of Red Hat Linux. Although it has been released for long time,but the new fedora became popular in 2004.
Debian first published in 1993. The author is Ian Murdock. This software is a non-commercial project developed jointly by hundreds of programmers. Initially, Debianis predicted that it will not thrive and will be lost, but however the opposite happened. Debian instead become big and popular.
Mandriva first launched in 1998 by Gael Duval under the name of Mandrake Linux. At first, Mandriva is produced from Red Hat Linux, thenwith a wide range of extra touches, gradually Mandriva has its own functions and make it more user friendly, such as the installation process is easier, better hardware detection and the ability to partition the hard drive is very nice.
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