Linux the Free Software

 Do You Believe in Free Software?
Many people do not believe in anything that is on the market for free. They say that when things are not paid, then customers will not have the ability to have the best quality out of it. But in the case of Linux, it is not 100% true. Linux may be free but it is one of the most modern and stabile software available in the market. Users should know that when they use Linux. With the freeware, Linux has proved to be one of the easiest software to work with. Moreover, you would not need to worry about registry issues. It seems like a perfect solutions right? With the thousands of its free applications available to be used by anyone, Linux is a software to be reckoned with. But of course like anything else in the world, this software has its own disadvantages. To know about its disadvantages will make you so aware of what you choose when you do choose this software.

The Disadvantages
As Linux is not a popular software, many users are not accustomed to it. When a Window user switched to Linux, he will need some time before he is finally used to the interface. Getting used to something new can slow down the results that are expected of some people and therefore not so many people are willing to learn the program. Although Linux is supported by many vendors, but the numbers of the vendors are not as many as the vendors that are providing for Windows. You can have a look of the vendor list in the websites or simply browse the internet to find them.


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