Linux Development
Linux is free and open source computer operating system that distribute under GNU license. Linux is a development of UNIX which could operate with many kind of hardware. Linux could be work as operating system for Intel x86 up to RISC. Withlicense from GNU (Gnu Not Unix), Linux user can get program complete with the source code. Beside that, user has the right to propagate as much as you want and even change the source code.

History of Linux Development
Linux development start from an operating system named UNIX. UNIX became popular because it was the first operating system that made not by the hardware maker. UNIX developed was so fast. There are so many company took place in itsdeveloped. That made so many kind of UNIX.
MINIX is small system of UNIX that developed in1987. A.S Tanenbaum built this system for education purpose. MINIX’s source code used by Linus Torvalds as reference for developed new system which is free and can be access by public.
The name Linux is taken from the inventor, Linus Torvalds. Torvaldals start the Linux development as hobby. In August 1991 Linux version 0.01 has done. 2 months later Torvaldals announced that the official version is Linux 0.02.

Penguin Tux as a Part of Linux Development
In Linux development, it became commercial product. That was the reason why this system needs a logo.
Torvaldals chose penguin as its logo accidentally. He was vacation to southern when he met a small penguin that bite his finger and make him got fever. After that he chose penguin as Linux’s logo with expectation that this system could make the user get fever cause its ability. After that Larry Ewing created the logo design and James Huges gave TUX as its name. After everything was complete, they registered this product so no one could claim.
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