Kinds of Linux
    There are many kinds of linux right now, and we are going to explain them, one by one. 
Here they are.

1. Xandros
    Xandros Linux is a Linux distribution based on KDE. The display system is very similar to Microsoft Windows, so if the operation very easy and convenient.

2. Ubuntu .
    Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian. Project Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd (a company owned by Mark Shuttleworth). Ubuntu is taken from the name of a concept of ideology in South Africa. “Ubuntu” is derived from the ancient language of Africa, which means “sense humanity against fellow human beings”.
3. Debian
    Debian is an operating system based on Linux kernel. Debian is a ‘kernel independent’, it pure Debian operating system developed without relying on existing operating systems.
4. Fedora (previously called Fedora Core, sometimes also called Fedora Linux) is a Linux distribution based on RPM and yum, developed by Fedora Project is supported by a community of programmers and sponsored by Red Hat. The name comes from the character Fedora. Fedora used in Red Hat logo .
5. Knoppix     Knoppix is a Linux live-cd distro that can be run from CD- ROM without installation on the hard disk. These distributions based on Debian Linux and created by Klaus Knopper.
6. Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution uses the Portage package management system. (Compare with: Debian uses deb package, RedHat / Mandrake uses Rpm package. Management package is designed to be modular (easy plus-plus), portable (can be ported to other distributions), easy to set up, flexible, and optimized for each user’s computer.
7. Slackware
    Slackware is an operating system created by Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Linux, Inc. Slackware is one of the initial distributions, and is the oldest that is still manageable. Slackware main objective is stability and ease of design, as well as a Linux distribution that most UNIX.
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