Infomedia Focus Develop Based on Website Services and Social Media
Infomedia Nusantara which is subsidiaries Group, focus becomes contact center providing business services, which can be accessed from the Channel voice (voice-based), multi-media, social media and a walk-in center. In fact, Infomedia determined to make it as a service Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Director of Infomedia Nusantara, Joni Santoso, said that the company is moving forward in the industry Information Service (concact center) wants to develop a mobile app network as their services.
“Nowadays people prefer using apps to interact, in the future we will be developing there, but now has not been done,” Joni said during the inauguration of Multimedia Service Center, in Jakarta. The company will focus on the development in the field of web-based services and social media. Moreover, Joni Infomedia claim of 120 clients, 25 percent already use web-based services and social media. “In fact, until the end of the year, the company is targeting a market share of approximately 36 percent,” he said.
Meanwhile, to welcome the National Customer Day, Thursday, September 4 asa great momentum, they don’t want to miss it. Infomedia get feedback directly from customer experience. Some popular company which joinInfomedia such as, CIMB Niaga, NextMedia, Domino Pizza, and Garuda Indonesia.

History :
Established in 1984, PT. Elnusa Yellow Pages was the first Indonesian company for phone book directory ‘Yellow pages’. Later in 1995, the company transformed into PT. Infomedia Nusantara and transformed its business into contact center services, media (yellow pages), and digital rich content business. Today, together with transformation in Telkom portfolio TIMES: Telecommunication, Information, Media & Edutainment, and Services, Infomedia focusing its business in handling portfolio of Information Services by providing Business Process Management (BPM) services.

Infomedia offers a comprehensive business process management service by focusing in portfolio of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Analytical Consulting Service (ACS), Enterprise Shared Service (ESS), Service Operation management (SOM).

Currently, Infomedia manage more than 170 clients from various industrial segment both in Indonesia and in the whole Region, empowered by more than 16,000 personnel including internationally certified expertise and award winning contact center agents. All of those experiences and competencies we bring to our client as our commitment in giving solution of excellent information and communication services for customer and community in Indonesia.

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