Disadvantages of Linux
As operating system, there is no perfect operating system which didn’t have lack. So do this Linux system. Here are somedisadvantages of Linux.
Disadvantages of Linux in Software Support
Linux is an open source system. It means other software to support this system need to be open source too. There are still some software that could work in another operating system haven’t has substitute to support Linux. 
Beside that there are also disadvantages of Linux for gamer. Gamer developer was familiar to used Windows system as their platform. So if the game was played in Linux system it would have different resolution. It makes the display looks different.
Other Disadvantages of Linux for Users
There are so many variety of Linux that available. It could be disadvantages of Linux for user because user will be confused tochose. Compare one variety to another variety. Try to choose the best variety and also trying to choose which one of those varieties that fit with user need could make user confused. Every variety has its own advantage and disadvantage.
Beside that, users were already familiar with Windows system. It will make users hard to get used with Linux system. For them, installation of Linux is more complicated that Windows installation. In Linux for installing the applications user need to have the CD/DVD repository or else user need to be connect with internet. Or else, user need to download the package that needed one by one along with it dependencies. 
Count to about how applications in Windows system are more capable than application for Linux system. Users need to learn more about UNIX or else they will confuse about how to access Linux system.
Another disadvantage is that Linux system was developed by community. Almost all the drivers for Linux system are developed by small community. It doesn’t support by hardware producer. So the copyright owner was mostly unknown. 
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