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Do you know affiliate program? How to make it run ? There are many ways. But the simple, there are at least two ways to run the affiliate program.
The first way, the arbitrage technique. Simply put this way. Suppose you want to promote a product Nintendo Wii from affiliate program. With arbitration technique, all you do is take advantage of pay per click campaign ads (can Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing / YSM, or Microsoft adCenter / MSN) on the Nintendo Wii using your affiliate link. Every time your campaign ads is clicked, the search information on the Nintendo Wii will be taken to a landing page product details on the Nintendo Wii. Every time a purchase transaction with Adwords ad that you put it, you get a commission from
The advantages of this way, you do not need to tired to make a blog. The drawback (if I may say so), you must have the initial capital to start doing PPC campaign and have enough knowledge about the affiliate arbitrage strategies.
The second way, by using blogs or personal sites that you already have or create an online shopping mall. Simply, you are using the blog medium (either in the form of posts, sidebar spot or banner) to promote the affiliate products you are taking. Every time a purchase transaction with an affiliate product links on your blog, you get a commission from
The advantages of this way, you do not need capital to invest in PPC programs. Enough with your own personal blog. The downside, you have to have and write on your blog on a regular basis.
Tips Affiliate Programs With Personal Blog
  1. Focus On Needs Your Blog Visitors
What will be looked for your blog visitors? What information can you give to visitors of your blog? Often we are so tempted to promote products labeled “Best Seller” or “Hot Deals” of the affiliate programs that we follow regardless of whether your blog visitors need the product or not. As a result, instead of going to buy, your blog visitors even embarrassed by the sales pitch page that you create. Try to meet the needs of visitors to your blog first. If your personal blog contains more about the “flower arranging tips”, do not push yourself to promote the Nintendo Wii to your blog visitors.
  1. Select the Product and the Best Affiliate Program
After determining what products are in accordance with the needs of visitors to your blog, the next step is to choose a product and the best affiliate programs you can promote. There are thousands of products that you can promote through affiliate programs that you can follow. I personally follow some affiliate programs (Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, ClickBank and Linkshare), but I feel more comfortable promoting Amazon products rather than the products of the other three programs. Perhaps because Amazon branding already established relatively easily accepted. Or maybe because I still have much to learn about the three other affiliate programs. To be sure, choose the best affiliate products and programs you think that you feel comfortable to promote.
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