Advantages of Linux

As computer operating system, Linux offer so many advantages. This following is about advantages of Linux.

Advantages of Linux for Personal Computer.
Many people in Indonesia are familiar with windows system. Even though Linux is popular, but most of people didn’t know much about advantages of Linux. For personal computer, Linux offer so many features. Free is mostly reason for users use Linux. Another feature is safety.

Linux was designed to be resistant to the virus. Windows users were always troubled by some virus, Trojan and malware. As Linux users this virus problem is no problem at all. Linux is stable. Mostly Windows users ever experience about system stagnant. Since Linux is stable, so Linux users don’t need to worry about system stagnant.

Linux was designed to be able to work even with low specification hardware. Beside that Linux was easy to use. Once users installed Linux, all hardware drivers already detected and another support application was also detected too. It means usersdidn’t have to install drivers such as motherboard, sound card, chipset etc.

Advantages of Linux for Programmer.
Being a programmer source code is one of the most important things to understand. By using Linux, programmer could learn the system source code, and even change it to some new system. The new system that programmer made by this Linux source code could be used by them self or their community, even could be disseminated.

Other advantages of Linux are that if there are bugs or dysfunction in the Linux system it could repair quickly. Linux is developed by community and every community could share and give suggestion for repair the bugs or the dysfunction.

The community will provide some documentations and information that easily search. So even for commoners that aren’t include in the Linux community could know the information and even give suggestion to developed operating system of Linux.

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