Advantages of Linux , Knowing about Linux
Knowing about Linux 
Have you ever seen the penguin logo on an operating system and wondering what it is? It is one of the available operating system available in the market. This system is called Linux. Linux is not as familiar to personal computers and laptops users as the other operating software such as Windows and also Apple. However, this does not necessary mean that Linux does not have its own advantages when compared to the other software. 

The Benefits of Linux 
Although many people may not be aware because they do not use Linux, but it has so many advantages, such as: 

  1. The modernity and stability of the program. It is so stable that it enables multi tasking more than the other software. The platform of Linux is so modern and powerful, especially when compared to the cost of the software. The program gives extensive capabilities that you can only get when you buy the 5000 dollar Windows NT. 
  2. The advanced graphic interface. Although the software is using a standard network, but it more than the other because it is transparent and it has a window manager. The most common window managers are the KDE and GNOME. 
  3. Linux has so many great yet free desktop applications that all users can use. The applications include the different web browsers, email programs, bitmap programs, word processors, spreadsheet, file managers, cd writers, vector graphic programs, etc. 
  4. Linux even have thousands of tools, applets and smaller programs that can work together to finish a more complextasks. Linux provides different applications for different needs such as astronomy, chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, researches, engineering, etc) 
  5. Linux has the tops of the line programs of commercials that can help to provide databases. Most of the programs are provided free by the other developers.
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